dysfunctional behaviour of things

Adap is the result of a research on “dysfunctional behaviour of things”. The main interest of this project was to understand, why people build up a certain relationship to broken things and to explore how we can use this fact in the designing process. People tend to personify objects when they refuse to do what they are meant to do. You can also notice people developing strategies to deal with malfunctions of objects, what we call “interacting with failures”.

Adap is an alarm clock which adapts the behaviour of its owner, namely his faults. He falls asleep in the middle of the night and has to be woken up in order to do his job: to wake somebody up. After a few days Adap will get tired, when its owner goes to bed. He soon will share the circadian rhythm of his owner. A slightly fading light indicates: the Adap is asleep. Sometimes you can hear him snoring, that means playing and skipping some music tracks the owner once copied to him. The owner has to punch Adap to wake him up, so that he could be wakened by Adap in the morning himself.

The Adap Project describes a close relationship between a thing and its owner.