parametric light

Moving Shadows is a custom made projection light with parametric characteristics. Due to the fact of fast growing rapid prototype possibilities the meaning of designing parametrical objects which can be customized by users increases.

The idea is based on the chimney-effect commonly used in ordinary mood lamps for children. A simple rotor starts to spin through ascending hot air, produced by the bulb inside the lamp. The lamp consists of 3 modules. The actual body structure, the rotor with the custom perforated grid on the inside and the projection surface on the outside of the lamp.

The whole construction sits around a standard light bulb socket. We created a really simple structure which allows one to construct the lampĀ­ without glue simply by assembling the parts together. An online application is used to intuitively draw personalized shadow graphics, set the diameter of the lamp and finally download a pdf with all cutting shapes and material indications to produce the components with lasercutting or milling.